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The AM Safety controllers type C2-B and C2-M are designed to control the connected safety components, i.e. safety mats, safety rails and safety bumpers.
By using a controller it is also possible to use mains voltage.

Both units fulfil safety category 3 according to EN 954-1 and are operated with 24 V DC or 18 V AC voltages. An external power adaptor for other voltages is available on request.

Safety mats, safety edges and safety bumpers can be connected to the AM Safety controllers type C2-B and C2-M. If several safety components are in use only series connections are permitted. Type C2-B has a safe N.O. contact and a safe N.C. contact as outlet and alternatively type C2-M has 2 safe N.O. contacts.

If various switch connections are requirement for a certain application, contact extension CS-E can be added downstream. This extension provides an additional three positively driven N.O. contacts and one additional positively driven N.C. contact.

For further information please see AM Safety catalogue.


Safety mats


Safety edges


Safety bumpers


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