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AM Safety safety mats are designed to protect large areas. They protect dangerous areas on machines and units and therefore prevent accidents and damages.
By entering a safety mat a signal is generated, whereby the controller switch to the safe state (EMERGENCY STOP).
Of course the safety mats as well as the the connection cables are always cross circuit, short circuit and break monitored.

AM Safety safety mats are manufactured according to customer specifications. It is therefore possible to consider recesses for beams etc. The standard surface is made of a 6 mm NBR rubber ribbed covering.
The size of “one” safety mat can be up to 4.5 m² (3.000 mm x 1.500 mm). For this size approx. 50 m of transducer are included.
To cover a larger area it is possible to apply several safety mats next to each other.

Due to the AM Safety aluminium frame profile the risk of stumbling is prevented and the safety mat can be fixed appropriately. To highlight the dangerous area the frame profile can be additionally colour coded.

AM Safety safety mats “All In One”, meet protection level IP 66 / 67 and are designed for use by children with a weight of 20 Kg, they can also be used with vehicles with a weight up to 5.000 kg.

For further information please see AM Safety catalogue.




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